Our stock

StrawberriesOur suppliers…

We use a variety of different suppliers, helping us to cater to all tastes! Our stock ranges from everyday brands to whole foods and organic products.

All our milk comes from Grahams Dairies, we get our fruit and vegetables from JM Breckenridge and we also get supplies from Highland Wholefoods, Cress co and CJ Lang.

We get weekly fish deliveries from Andy Race and our butchers meat comes from Lochaber Larder. Our freshly baked bread comes from The Bakehouse.

Whenever possible we always stock local produce! We usually have Eigg eggs and occasionally fruit & vegetables.

We stock a wide range of ambient products such as beers, wines and spirits, tinned foods and confectionary to baby care products such as nappies etc!

Delivery days


Monday: chilled, frozen & ambient, fruit & veg, milk & sliced loaves

Thursday: fish, fruit & veg, bakery & sliced loaves

Friday: milk & butcher

Saturday: bakery & sliced loaves


Monday: chilled, frozen & ambient, fruit & veg, milk & sliced loaves

Wednesday: bakery & fish

Friday: milk, bakery, butcher & sliced loaves

Saturday: sliced loaves



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